Are you a clinician interested in helping clients in the immigration process?

You are in the right place so welcome!

I have developed step-by-step trainings to answer all of your questions on how to provide immigration evaluations. My trainings will prepare you to:

a. decide whether you can/should work with a potential client needing these services

b. figure out what information you need to gather even before you meet

c. create paperwork that will help you gather all of the information needed to complete a thorough evaluation

d. decide on the structure of your sessions and create a package deal if this fits well within your practice

e. maintain focus on your client (the US resident or citizen) while also taking into account the other members of the family

f. structure your evaluation including a format that attorneys approve of

g. create strong and lasting relationships with immigration attorneys which will lead to a steady stream of new clients

h. create strong and lasting relationships with your clients

If this sounds like something that you would find helpful, keep reading to find out more about my trainings! 


This training specifically prepares clinicians to provide evaluations for the Extreme Hardship Waivers. This training consists of 4 videos that are approximately 1 hour each and you will have 30 days to access the training. Once you begin viewing the videos, you will have 72 hours to watch them as many times as you would like before your access expires. In the videos, you will learn about the following:

1. Understanding Different Types of Immigration Cases 

2. How to Prepare Prior to Accepting Immigration Clients

3. How to Prepare for Intake Calls

4. How to Prepare Your Paperwork and Documents 

5. First Session 

6. Topics to Include in the Interview 

7. The Evaluation 

8. Follow-up and Attorney Communication

The price of this e-course is reduced to only $499 which will likely more than pay for itself after completing only one evaluation! To get started today, click here!


This option is a great value! No need to pack your bags and head out of town…just be sure you have internet access! You will attend a virtual boot camp that includes 10+ hours of training to prepare you in offering 5 different types of evaluations: Extreme Hardship Evaluations, U-Visa, VAWA, Asylum, and Cancellation of Removal. 

This training will involve 10+ hours of training which will cover various topics to prepare you for this work, such as the following (and much more):

-Overview of the Types of Evaluations

-Owning the Intake Calls
-Mastering the Interviews
-Understanding Interview Approaches
- How to Write Thorough Evaluations
- How to Approach Follow-Up Contacts
- Establishing Strong Relationships with Attorneys
- Setting Yourself Up for Success

- Pricing Your Services Right

- Sample Evaluation Exercise

As an added bonus you will also receive a zip file containing all of the documents that you will need to help you get started, including sample evaluations for each of the 5 types of cases. You will be offering these evaluations in your practice in no time! Sign up today and begin this training in August 2019! Sign up here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=FQ8FHW2GYR69Y